Kids21 Shop

This is our latest design for the retail chain Kids 21 in a large 200 square metre space in the new K11 retail and art space in Hong Kong.

We continued the playhouse theme used in previous stores but this time installed right in the entrance a bright blue playhouse with a slide so the children can start to play before even looking at any clothes.

The size of the space lead us to taking a more subdued monochromatic colour palette, with wood panelling as the main back drop, and subdivisions in the space provided by curtains of plastic coated chains normally used for outdoor barriers in street scenes - a simple and fun industrial material to demarcate the zones.

On the wooden panelling, shelves, rails and cabinets have been suspended for the display of the products in a modular system to allow easy reconfigurations of the store, with the carousel style racks and bright yellow elliptical blocks positioned throughout the store as alternative display ideas.

Bespoke cloud shaped LED lighting strips are suspended from the ceiling to add an additional  layer of playfulness along with terracotta clay flower pots at floor level filled with concrete “plants’ as another display idea.

Photography : Kids21